A Better Way To Ship

This company was started because there was a call for an alternative way to get our customers products from point A to point B efficiently and for a reasonable rate. Freight brokers charge a percentage on every load they ship and this entices them to charge the most money possible to maximize their commissions.
We NEVER charge a commission, so our focus is placed squarely on acquiring the absolute best rates available to get your product moved. We charge the same fee on a full truckload regardless the amount the carrier is paid. To our knowledge, no one else does this.
It is our belief that quality, value, and loyalty are the best advertisements for our company. Over the years, we have saved every single customer we’ve done business with money. That is why our customer loyalty spans decades. We’ve always maintained that it is our customers success that determines our success.  Any small part we can play in helping them is an honor to us.
PKI Logistics Inc. can arrange for the movement of almost any freight : Truckload, LTL, Partials, Intermodal, Air, Ocean, International, Domestic.
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