Shipper’s Agent

PKI Logistics Inc. is NOT a freight brokerage.  PKI Logistics Inc. is NOT a freight forwarder.  PKI Logistics Inc. is NOT a trucking company.

PKI Logistics Inc. IS a Shipper’s Agent.

PKI Logistics Inc. performs all of the functions of a broker that you want and all the services of a carrier that you want, but we avoid the pitfalls that get in the way of providing great service and value.  Because we work directly for the customer, our focus remains squarely on them.  We are an agent that works on behalf of the customer or cargo owner, so the customers concerns are our concerns.

Our goal is to provide excellent and reliable service while saving the customer money.  How can we do this?  The biggest reason is that PKI Logistics Inc. never charges a commission, never up-sells extras, never handles a carriers money, and we negotiate on behalf of the customer – not the carrier.

Our services are provided to the customer on a flat-fee basis, and the fee remains the same regardless of the load value, shipping cost, number of drops, or time of the year.  We NEVER charge a fee for quotes and NEVER charge a commission.

PKI Logistics Inc. is the single point of contact from the quote phase through delivery.  Our customers do not have to worry about dealing with multiple contacts and you will have the same agent until your freight is delivered in excellent condition.

We can act as your offsite traffic managers, or work in support of your existing traffic department.  We handle the procurement of your transportation, load tracking, billing, any warehousing or additional permits required, carrier vetting, bills of lading, contracts, and anything else necessary to see your needs through to success.  You will not have to deal with middlemen as our system streamlines the process so you can focus on your customers while we focus on the delivery.

PKI Logistics Inc. is connected on a daily basis with thousands of the largest contract carriers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Our long-term relationships allow us to commit equipment that others can’t get access to while saving you up to 50% on fees over traditional Freight Brokers and Forwarders.  Because of the volumes of freight we move, we are able to negotiate lower than average truck, LTL, and intermodal rates with carriers.  Many of our carriers give us a volume discount which translates to lower shipping costs for our customers, and our flat-fee service rates completely eliminate the incentive to drive the load costs up.