PKI Logistics Inc. – Full Freight Brokerage

After decades of operating PKI Logistics Inc. strictly as a shipper’s agent and 3PL, we heard the needs of our customers and expanded.

PKI Logistics Inc. is now a full service freight brokerage.  Essentially, this streamlines the billing procedures for our customers by eliminating direct to carrier payments.  Now, our customers only need to make one payment to PKI direct and we take care of the rest.

Most important to our partners is that PKI has retained the exact same pricing structure as always.  This means that you still only pay the flat fee rate on shipments – no commissions, no hidden fee’s, just like always.  So we continue to save you money on every shipment while also making the payment process more simple and streamlined.

PKI Logistics Inc. now also has the ability to receive payments in a wide variety of ways, so no matter if you prefer to pay by check, ACH, online, by credit card, or through a variety of payment service options – we have you covered!

PKI is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and we’re ready to grow with you!