Partials and LTL’s

If you need to move your freight, but you don’t need an entire truck then you will ship either a partial load or an LTL (Less Than a Truckload).

Though similar, these are two different things.  In general, an LTL load will have a maximum weight of 10,000 lbs and not more than 12 feet of trailer space.  For loads larger than 12 feet and/or heavier than 10,000 lbs, you will be moving a partial truckload.  Although LTL freight is generally less expensive to move than a partial truckload, the wait times can be longer for delivery.  On an LTL shipment, the carrier generally has many stops at many different locations.

For both kinds of shipments various information is gathered in order to quote your load, but on LTL shipments attention to details is key.  You will want to include as much information as possible when requesting an LTL shipment.  The more information you provide at the beginning of the process, the better we are able to give you an accurate quote free from surprise charges later on.  PKI always tries to be as transparent in pricing as possible, but we need your help to ensure there are no additional charges due to a mistake when asking for the quote.

For any LTL quote, the following information is what is generally required for an accurate quote :

Customer Name –

Pickup and Delivery Zipcodes –

Ship Date –                            Do you need a specific delivery date, and if so when?

Commodity Description  (Provide Class and NMFC# if available)

Pallet or Unit number, size (LxWxH), and weight –

Is the Commodity stackable?

Does this shipment require a liftgate and if so, at pickup, delivery, or both?

Is either pickup or delivery in a limited access area, and/or is either the pickup or delivery at a residential address?

Does this shipment require an inside pickup?

Although it may take a few extra minutes to gather this information, that preparation will be invaluable in ensuring that you get an accurate rate.  All LTL quotes are good for 48 hours unless otherwise noted on the quote sheet.

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